"West Texas Conservatives helped make me who I am. I will defend those values."


When he was young, Brandon Batch and his four siblings lost their mother to multiple sclerosis. Left on their own, it seemed hopeless, but Brandon credits the grace of God and the strong, caring West Texas community that took him in and helped instill in him the conservative values of hard work, faith and family to succeed.


With the support of his adopted family, Brandon excelled in the classroom and on the football field. After graduating from Texas Tech, Brandon became a conservative policy advisor for Republicans in DC. He helped craft policies to combat terrorism, strengthen our economy, and promote the free-market before returning to Texas to start a successful family business with his brother.


Now, he’s ready to serve and give back to the West Texas community that gave so much. As our Conservative Congressman, Brandon will:

  Secure our Borders and Schools

  Stop the Socialists and promote Free enterprise

  Defend the Second Amendment

  Protect Innocent Life

  Put America First, Hold China & Iran Accountable

  Grow our West Texas Energy & Economy

We can trust Brandon to stand with President Trump to uphold our way of life and put a stop to socialist policies that destroy the economy.

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