Securing Our Borders, Supporting Legal Immigration


For too long Congress has been frozen on border security, big ideas and speeches have led to few results as criminal enterprises continue to expand across the border. Brandon will support President Trump’s border wall and other practical border security legislation which secures the border and stops cartels in their tracks.


Brandon knows that legal immigration has been a great benefit to the United States. After securing the border we must dedicate ourselves to designing an immigration system that welcomes the best and brightest from around the world who are seeking a better life and who are ready to commit themselves to the service of our nation.

Strengthening Local Classrooms, Defending Rural Schools


When illness forced Brandon’s mother to move into a nursing home, he and his four siblings were left at home alone. As they struggled to make ends meet, they knew the one way forward was by continuing their education. Each morning, they trekked to the bus stop and took the hour long ride to school. They used the time, and light, on the bus to finish homework or read when the power had been shut off at home. Brandon and his siblings’ commitment to their education has led to success for their family and he wants to ensure that our schools can be that resource to our youth for generations to come.

Protecting The 2nd Amendment From The Liberal Threat


The 2nd Amendment is as fundamental to America as every other part of our Constitution. Our Founding Fathers believed that it was of the utmost importance that peaceable citizens have the right to keep firearms. Brandon will protect our rights and stand in the way of radicals seeking to criminalize responsible gun ownership. 

Making Our School And Churches Safer


Schools were a safe haven for Brandon and his siblings growing up. When the power was off and food was scarce, school was a place that ensured a healthy learning environment and a full meal. Sadly, schools and churches have become targets for criminals with evil intentions. Brandon will support legislation to secure our places  of worship and schools from those with evil intentions.

Stopping The Socialist Agenda


Radical socialists in Congress are all too eager to push through legislation that would decimate small businesses, upend American values, and bankrupt the country. Brandon will be your voice in Washington fighting to put a stop to the socialist agenda. He will fight to reduce regulation and encourage free markets and the innovation they foster. 

Commitment To Cutting Taxes


As a small business owner Brandon knows how tight margins can be and the devastating effects a tax hike would have on our economy as a whole. In Washington, Brandon will work to reduce your tax burden so individuals have the financial freedom to live life the way they see fit.

Protecting Innocent Life


A strong Christian, Brandon is 100 percent pro-life and a steadfast believer in the sanctity of every life. In Congress, he will faithfully support right-to-life legislation. He is committed to passing the next big goal of the pro-life movement: a bill that will protect the lives of every unborn baby with a heartbeat. Jeremiah 1:5 says, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.” Brandon will always stand up for all innocent life. 

Putting America First, Holding China & Iran Accountable


Hostile, autocratic foreign powers and state-sponsored terrorist groups are working around the clock to destabilize American interests at home and abroad. In Washington, Brandon served as trusted policy advisor for then-Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, Michael McCaul. From China and Iran, to North Korea, Brandon has engaged directly in the policy-making process that has helped keep America safe from her enemies. 


His view is that we must be consistent and stand strong against terrorists and the nations that prop them up in order to protect American lives and the values we represent across the globe. Brandon will put his expertise to work for our families and ensure legislation that defeats terrorists in the Middle East and pushes back against rogue nations and their anti-democratic, destabilizing actions. 

Growing Our Energy Industry


Born in Odessa and raised in Midland, Brandon works for a local energy producer and has seen first-hand the booming impact the industry has on our economy in West Texas. In fact, Texas is now the 10th largest economy in the world because of our oil and gas producers.  


With growing instability in Venezuela and the Middle East, it is more critical than ever that we clear all roadblocks to our local energy industry’s growth so we can continue to thrive as a region and ensure American energy independence for generations to come. It is the only way to keep America in the driver’s seat and free from the threat of oil-rich nations like Iran. Brandon will fight against congressional overreach and unnecessary regulation that would hamper development and growth of our domestic energy industry.

Standing Up For Our Farmers And Ranchers


As a conservative policy expert working for Texas republicans in Washington, Brandon worked directly on policies that protect and strengthen our agriculture industries and trade relations. He knows that our great state of Texas is responsible for much of the food, fuel and fiber that keep American going. Brandon is fully committed to cutting intrusive red tape from the EPA and other federal agencies so our farmers, ranchers and ag producers who are feeding our economic boom can thrive. 

Fighting For Low-Cost, High-Quality Health Care


Government mandates do nothing but restrict choice and drive up costs. Obamacare’s biggest accomplishment is destroying valuable doctor-patient relationships. Brandon knows we need to get healthcare back on track in America, and as such, we must repeal Obamacare and pass legislation that empowers individuals to make free choices on the best health coverage for their families.

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